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Eat, play and grow

Create with us the largest Restaurant Festivals in the World and build a true culinary culture among Guests! With us you will live the most delicious experience and build your own path of development - it will be intense, it will be professional, it will be delicious.

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Welcome to the table

Values that guide more than just our work 😊 We love food and socializing. We are obsessed with restaurants.

at restaurant
tables and in our office

We spend time together at the big table, it's our form of presence at team bonding events and, most importantly, the weekly breakfast.

And nothing sets a positive attitude towards the world, each other and tasks like eating together! And we instill this idea in each of our festivals and guests.

we act flexibly
and trust each other

Our Leaders set the framework and direction - together we do our work in a flexible way, and the results are evaluated!

We value freedom of speech, We value freedom of expression, we respect our own initiatives and give space to follow our own needs.

our success comes
from effective engagement

We work here because we want to, not because we have to. This is the basic principle of our small community. Self-organization and self-motivation. What does this mean in practice? We only let go when we have checked and tested all possible solutions - that is, never

for their projects,
their quality and punctuality

We are able to admit when we are wrong. We know it can be difficult that's why we support each other - we always act as a team.

Importantly, failure is a lesson. Fortunately, we have few of them, but if we do we look at them closely.

we can as much as we reach for

And we reach out every day! Changes in projects, new tasks are just more interesting challenges, not obstacles.

Without going beyond our comfort zone, we will not grow or improve in the things we already know.

improve the atmosphere among ourselves
and with Partners

For us, every relationship is built for years. Together we celebrate successes and support each other in difficult times.

This would not be the case if it were not for working every day to improve communication. The key is partnership principles, which have always been with us :)

Every day we get better
at what we do

We change the words: learnigsy, learning and experience every day by all cases :) We analyze, study, draw conclusions, implement.... As a result, we often acquire completely new skills. But it doesn't stop there: curiosity, observation of trends and years of experience in the market naturally influence our presence in the industry and knowledge sharing, which gives us real pleasure.

We systematically support
not wasting food.

Thanks to a proprietary advance reservation system, restaurants have saved tens of tons of food.

Our Team

Our company is made up of specialists from diverse professional backgrounds

  • Restaurant Team

    This is the heart and soul of every Festival organized by the Restaurant Club. Our task? Sourcing outstanding Restaurants and creating unforgettable experiences for our guests.

    Marta Wysocka

    Senior Regional Manager

  • Marketing Team

    We are not a typical group of marketers - we are a creative element, composed of both Experts and those who are taking their first steps in the world of promotion.

    Monika Kamińska

    Marketing Director

  • Regional Team

    We are the vibrant heart of our operations in all the regions where we implement projects. Not only do we create bridges between regions, but we also seamlessly manage the flow of information, maintaining a seamless rhythm of work.

    Marcin Wawrzeń

    Country Manager

  • Partner Team

    We are responsible for acquiring and maintaining relationships with the best possible Partners for our club ecosystem. We use the golden rule of win-win-win.

    Dorota Sulich-Długosz

    Commercial Director

  • Logistics & Production

    Logistics is our DNA! As a key department in our company, we ensure efficient production, prompt delivery and detailed data management. We take care of everything...

    Marta Wysocka

    Operations Manager (PO)

  • IT Team

    The IT team is our technological backbone that makes everything run smoothly. On the Back-end, we speak the language Ruby on Rails. On the Front-end, on the other hand, we work in React and Next.js.

    Paweł Krzaczkowski


  • Support

    Forget the stereotypes - our Support team is more than just a "headset". Our mission is to help, not sell. We focus on solving problems...

    Kasia Przybysz

    Support Director

  • Global

    We are responsible for the international development of Restaurant Week and Club. We are currently coordinating our activities in the Czech market and preparing for expansion into the German market.

    Paweł Światczyński

    CEO & Co-Founder


  • Private healthcare - LuxMed

    Private healthcare - LuxMed

  • Sports card Multisport

    Sports card Multisport

  • Courses


  • English lessons

    English lessons

  • Festival tickets + discounts for future festivals

    Festival tickets + discounts for future festivals

  • Team integrations

    Team integrations

  • Thursday breakfasts at the office

    Thursday breakfasts at the office

  • Snacks and drinks in the office

    Snacks and drinks in the office

  • Dog friendly office

    Dog friendly office

  • Ability to work flexibly and hybridly

    Ability to work flexibly and hybridly

  • Happiness surprises

    Happiness surprises

  • 1 day to volunteer

    1 day to volunteer

Discover job opportunities

Discover job opportunities
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